Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Cellulite occurs Increased Deposition Of Fat

Picture Together with varicose veins occur in women of 80%. cellulite treatment itself should precede the treatment of varicose veins. varicose to resolution is possible in the treatment of cellulite achieve satisfactory results.
Cellulite occurs increased deposition of fat into the dermis , subcutaneous space clogs fat cells and, thereby compressing small blood vessels. Remains if this pressure for a long time, it ceases to flow in blood vessels and begin to fibrotic ally convert the fibrous bands that constrict and cause further places tucked leather approach known as orange peel. Click Here To Truth About Cellulite Scam

Some refer to cellulite as the "orange peel skin", which is due at first glance similar surface which has just orange.
With reduced blood circulation in the dermis leads to deposition of combustion metabolism by binding to fats and irreversible. By reducing vascular - vascular layer of the skin becomes less firm, less elastic and loses smoothness. It becomes looser, sometimes painful. Lowering blood circulation and expansion of the fat layer is also restricted lymphatic circulation and edema.
Picture Cellulite is manifested similarly to varicose veins in the basic three periods in a woman's life following the hormonal changes: puberty, the first and subsequent periods (around 16th year) pregnancy, oral contraceptive use (around the 24th) menopause - a period of transition, the use of hormone replacement therapy (around 46 years)

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