Monday, 26 May 2014

Creation of Cellulite

Trapped fat cells accumulate fat and other waste substances, which lymphatic system cannot wash away. Gradually increase its volume, creating pressure on the skin surface and cause its deformation, the "orange skin".
Simply put, cellulite is a buildup of fat, water and waste products. It can generate not only on the buttocks, thighs, but also on the shoulders, stomach and chin, that wherever we stored excess fat.

What affects the appearance of cellulite?

The appearance of cellulite is involved in many external and internal factors:
Changing hormone levels - for example, the use of hormonal contraception, puberty, pregnancy, menopause, etc. This is due to the female sex hormone estrogen, which enables and softens the connective tissue and retains water in the body. When the weakened connective tissue, fat cells and toxins are the ideal environment for the creation of "cellulite cusps." For More, Click: Joey Atlas

Genetics - whether the appearance of cellulite conditional genes is not yet clear. After gaining their ancestral type of character. Particularly vulnerable group in the appearance of cellulite, women with pear-type figure (narrow waist, wide hips).
Lack of exercise - regular exercise strengthens the lymphatic and blood circulation , burns fat and strengthens muscles.

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