Monday, 26 May 2014

To Eliminate Cellulite

Before applying the method of AWT After application of the first series of AWT After application of the second series AWT
The results of the application of the method AWT
Method AWT is based on non-invasive treatment, i.e., without surgery, when the energy of the shock waves into the body without damaging the patient's skin surface.
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The result is AWT methods: treatment, correction and cellulite removal reduce the circumference of the treated areas of the body (leaner) activation of enzymes splitting fats smoothing of the skin and its rejuvenation off connective tissue lymphatic drainage
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The procedure using the AWT to eliminate cellulite, slimming and skin rejuvenation can be completed at any time and without any restriction of everyday life. To achieve effective and sustained action is needed to complete 8-15 treatments AWT method with an interval of 3-4 days between treatments. The procedure is virtually painless and takes 20-50 minutes depending on the extent of the treated area of the body. During treatment by AWT recommended especially drinking regime with plenty of movement and diet for faster, more effective treatment outcome.
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